Code Horizon's co-founders believe in quality computer science education that begins as early as possible. All instructors have extensive experience in the field of computer science. They have taught computer science and other subjects, understanding the importance of quality pedagogy.

We founded Code Horizon in 2018 to provide a true coding class for students. All of us learned coding on our own. When we were young, we could only wish for a summer camp that taught us everything.

For the past few summers, we've been working as instructors in other STEM summer camps, but while teaching, we felt that students weren't learning anything and they didn't gain the full potential that the classes could have offered. That's why we founded Code Horizon this summer, to provide real classes where you learn real coding, but most importantly, to provide the skills necessary for future explorations in the field of computer science.


Trevor Nguyen

Trevor Nguyen is an aspiring computer scientist and biologist seeking to work at the intersection of these two fields. Valedictorian of his class at McKinney Boyd High School, he has also been president of the McKinney Boyd High School Computer Science Association for three years, previously participating in competitive programming. Last summer, he conducted research in the UT Southwestern Medical School’s STARS program and biology + computer science research at UT Dallas. These days, he focuses on web development. Trevor has extensive experience with teaching coding to students, from Scratch to Java. He will be studying Computer Science and Biology at the University of Texas at Austin in the Turing Scholars Program (Computer Science honors program) and the Dean’s Scholars Program (research honors program), beginning this fall.

Trevor's Curriculum Vitae

Sammy Shin

Sammy Shin is not just an aspiring computer scientist, but also an aspiring engineer. He has always been good with his hands and loves getting down and dirty with circuit components. With this same passion, he has worked with students in the local Dowell Middle School Robotics Club, participating as a competitor for three years and later serving as a faithful and beloved mentor for the past four years. In addition, Sammy boasts extensive tutoring experience and has taught computer science at summer camps for the past two years. He will be studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Texas at Austin beginning this fall.