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Frequently asked questions

What age do camp participants have to be?

We recommend participants be at least 3rd graders and at most 8th graders. This is just a recommendation. Younger students are welcome if their maturity is equivalent to or better than that of a 3rd grader. We allow parents to decide whether your student is mature enough for our camp.

All participants must be under 18 years old. We highly recommend high schoolers interested in our classes contact us at our email address, listed below.

What time are the camps?

For summer 2018, the camp will be from July 16-20, with two times: morning: 9am - 12 noon, afternoon: 1pm - 4pm. We do not offer full day camps this summer.

Does my student need any prior coding experience?

This summer, our only class (Principles of Coding) does not require any programming experience! We teach everything from the ground up, ensuring all bases are touched.

Beginning in the summer of 2019, we will begin offering other courses designed to be taken after Principles of Coding. Therefore, all students should start in Principles of Coding if they have no prior coding experience.

Can my student be dropped off for an entire day?

Code Horizon's mission is to provide quality education, so we do not provide services as a daycare would. Instead, we care for your child by offering a nurturing educational environment. We do not currently offer full-day programs and our camp sessions are not designed to replace a daycare.

Does Code Horizon bring food for students to consume during the camp?

We might bring some candies to class as rewards, but no nut products or any other allergy-prone foods will be brought. We do not serve food or snacks during the camp and we do not recommend bringing food to the camp, since it will only be 3 hours per day.

Do we have to buy a Raspberry Pi for an additional fee?

No! :) Good news, your student's Raspberry Pi is included with the camp fee. We don't have any hidden fees; our only fee is credit card transaction fees, if applicable.

Does my student get to keep the Raspberry Pi after the camp?

Yes! Each student keeps their Raspberry Pi, plus included SD card, keyboard, mouse, and power adapter. However, Code Horizon allows students to use monitors and HDMI cables in class only for the duration of the camp.

Will you be offering any other courses?

At this time, we will only be offering Principles of Coding this summer. We intend to offer many more courses next summer! Those courses will require the skills learned in Principles of Coding, so by signing your student up this summer, they'll get a head start next summer on taking our expanded course offerings.

Who will teach the courses? Have they taught classes before?

Only adults who have several years of qualifications will be teaching these courses. Code Horizon has a very high standard for each and every instructor. All instructors have taught coding previously at summer camps and have extensive experience tutoring both computer science and other subjects.

Will my 3rd grader be in the same class as an 8th grader?

Probably not, since the age difference is quite large. We have multiple classrooms, so we will put younger students with other younger students and older students with other older students.

When do I pay?

When you register, you won't be asked to pay just yet. Once we've confirmed that we can offer our classes, we'll then ask for payment. More instructions will be sent via email after registration. Payment needs to be made before class starts so we can purchase enough equipment for all students.

Will any summer 2018 sessions be canceled due to low enrollment?

Both our morning and afternoon sessions during the week of July 16-20 have been confirmed.

Is Code Horizon hiring at the moment?

Thank you for your interest, but we have filled all available positions for this summer.

Do you have any Minecraft classes for my students?

All three founders at Code Horizon have worked at summer camps that utilize Minecraft. Through our experiences, we have all come to the same conclusion: Minecraft doesn't help students learn coding. Because of this, Code Horizon does not teach Minecraft. However, if your child is interested in Minecraft modding, our classes will teach the fundamental concepts necessary behind Minecraft modding.

Does my student have to bring a laptop or anything with them to a Code Horizon camp?

No. They don't even need to bring a pencil! We provide all materials needed for the camp. Just show up and be ready to learn!

Do you offer adult classes?

We currently do not offer classes for adults. Our camps are oriented towards 3rd through 8th graders.

Is this one of those summer camps where my child is dropped off and plays video games all the time?

No. When you sign your student up for a Code Horizon class, you're signing them up for a world-class educational experience. While we incorporate fun activities into our classes, this does not include gaming. The Raspberry Pi computers used in our classes are great for learning coding with, but are not able to run the popular mindnumbing games that your child(ren) might play at home, such as Fortnite.

If my student already knows Scratch or Python, can they skip the Principles of Coding class and move on to other classes?

Beginning in summer 2019, they can demonstrate their proficiency to us and we'll make the call on what classes they are eligible to take.

Contact information

Code Horizon is a general partnership with three partners. If you'd like to contact us all at the same time, send us an email at [email protected].

Our individual contact information is below. Feel free to call us, text us, or email us; whatever works for you!

Trevor Nguyen

Phone (214) 799-4458
Email [email protected]

Sammy Shin

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