This summer, we're offering one pilot course: Principles of Coding. It will first cover the principles of computing, a short intro to computer science principles in Scratch, and then practical coding with the Python programming language. We'll also explore ways for your student to continue learning other programming languages, and the real world things they can make using Python.

Principles of Coding

Principles of Coding is for elementary or middle school students who want a solid introduction to programming and computer science. The foundational education offered by Principles of Coding is essential for any future leader in technology.

Learning Goals
  • Understand fundamentals of computer hardware
  • Understand interaction between hardware and software
  • Understand fundamentals of computing and computer science
  • Visual programming (Scratch)
  • Basic logic in a programming language (Python)

Price: $273 (was $375). Price covers ALL course materials such as Raspberry Pi and other goodies.

Sessions: July 16-20, morning (9am-12pm) and afternoon (1pm-4pm).

Each class is 3 hours per day for five days.

Register here

More classes

This summer, we are looking at providing more coding classes. These coding classes build off of the knowledge learned in Principles of Coding, so please register for Principles of Coding if your student is interested in taking more advanced courses with us.

In summer 2019, we are planning to offer many more courses in the fields of web development. If your student takes Principles of Coding this summer, they will be eligible to take these other courses next summer.