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Real coding camps

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Real coding camps this summer in McKinney, TX.

Give your child the gift of learning this summer.

Our coding camp will give your child the tools they need to learn computer science.

What do we teach?

Last summer, we offered one pilot course: Principles of Coding. It first covers the principles of computing, a short introduction to computer science principles in Scratch, and then practical coding with the Python programming language. Your student will also explore ways to continue learning other programming languages, and the real world applications they can make using Python.

This summer, we plan to expand our course offerings into advanced web development, electronics, machine learning, and Internet of Things. In fact, we're already planning curriculum! Students who took Principles of Coding last summer will have the prerequisites to take more advanced courses this summer.

Code Horizon provides high-quality educational fun for your elementary school or middle school student

How is Code Horizon different from other summer camps?

Many summer camps claim to teach STEM skills with "kids" coding platforms. Typical red flags include Minecraft and Gamestar Mechanic. When kids go through other summer camps, they waste five days learning highly specific skills that don't apply elsewhere.

We don't do that here.

We know kids. They don't want to play Minecraft; it was so 2012. Kids want to create real things, but they don't know how because it's too confusing.

We're going to change that. Code Horizon teaches real computer science concepts AND makes everything easy to understand. Your child will finish our real coding camp with a newfound appreciation for computer science (the science behind coding) and the tools necessary to further pursue explorations in the field of coding and computer science.

Your child will learn real skills applicable to real world technology. It's a promise we're willing to make.

Most importantly, we believe in quality education. Our commitment to a 10:1 or better student-to-teacher ratio helps ensure your child receives personal attention. That means each class will only have 10 students maximum.

Code Horizon provides each student with a Raspberry Pi computer to learn programming

Every student gets a Raspberry Pi computer to use and keep.

Some summer camps make students share laptops. We don't do that. We believe that every student should be able to learn computer science on their own individual device.

That's why our summer camp provides students with a Raspberry Pi, a credit-card-sized computer created to promote computer science education.

Our summer camp is just $273. For no added charge, we give your student a Raspberry Pi computer plus a mouse, a keyboard, and an SD card for the Raspberry Pi. We also have monitors for all students. Your student can keep everything except the monitor. That's a $75 value, completely included in the camp costs.

(If your student already owns the latest model of the Raspberry Pi, let us know after registering for a class. You don't pay until after registration, so we can work with you on adjusting the camp's price.)

Class information

Price: $273. Price covers ALL course materials such as Raspberry Pi and other goodies (worth over $75).

Sessions: to be determined.

Guaranteed student-to-teacher ratio: 10:1 or better. All classes have 10 or fewer students.

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3900 S Stonebridge Dr., Suite 603

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Meet our team

Profile of Code Horizon co-founder Trevor Nguyen

Trevor Nguyen

Trevor Nguyen is the valedictorian of McKinney Boyd High School and an aspiring computer science researcher with a clear passion for sharing computer science knowledge.
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Profile of Code Horizon co-founder Sammy Shin

Sammy Shin

Sammy Shin is an aspiring engineer and skilled front-end web developer with extensive mentoring and tutoring experience who loves to teach and watch students grow.
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